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The advanced researcher doing manuscript research will find Kristeller 1963–1997 indispensable, while Hankins 2001 provides reliable Latin texts and English translations of works by Italian humanists. 2014 offers much useful information on humanistic topics and individuals.

Voigt 1960 is the most recent printing, while Grendler 2006 describes Voigt’s scholarly approach and explains his importance.

Because of the vast importance and broad scope of humanism, it is not surprising that scholars have studied it intensively and view it in different ways.

This article provides a sampling of some of the best and most influential scholarship on the subject and demonstrates the broad impact of humanism in the era of the Renaissance and Reformation.

Humanism then became the dominant intellectual movement in Europe in the 16th century.

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Proponents of humanism believed that a body of learning, humanistic studies (studia humanitatis), consisting of the study and imitation of the classical culture of ancient Rome and Greece, would produce a cultural rebirth after what they saw as the decadent and “barbarous” learning of the Middle Ages. Under the influence and inspiration of the classics, humanists developed a new rhetoric and new learning.

Humanism included a positive evaluation of civic and worldly values, the primacy of the will, the dignity of man, Platonism, a sense of historical anachronism, and a new investigation of nature.

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