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(and a bonus picture of Energy which can be hard for some cabbies).

Mr E has explained it, about being worried and/or vigilant.

Just north of El Poblado is San Diego which has Fase II strip club. Strip clubs in Colombia will either have rooms on the premise or a love hotel next door to fuck the chica in.

You won't have any problems dating hot non-pros in their late twenties.

Strip clubs are about the only option for "night mongering" if you are not into streetwalkers or the Lleras scene.

I get your hesitation for not wanting to go to the Centro clubs alone.

Send me a PM, letting me know when you'll be in town.

Then, if you want, I can take you around to check out these clubs and get your tree trimmed for about 70-90 k. I was hoping some of you guys could recommend some good night time casa options. I know energy is open till 9 pm (though does that mean walk in before 9 or finish before 9?

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2 are next door to each other and the other is about 3 blocks away.Basically I am trying to see what options there are other than tourist expensive (Fase! I am a bit leery of going to centro stripclubs as I will be traveling solo and while my Spanish is medium good and I dress pretty local (jeans and t-shirt) I look kind of gringo as my skin and hair are pale.I will be in town for three weeks this January and hopefully will be able to give some good info back to the forum.And also Caracas isn't crawling with crackheads, glue sniffers, and syringe toting drug addicts like Medellin is.

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But then again you wouldn't be walking around late at night in Caracas anyway since it's dead at night with nothing going on.

I haven't ventured up there yet, but I've talked to them a few times.

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