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30-Nov-2017 09:02

If you are looking to secure a sponsor for your next pageant, let PR Pageant Coaches help provide you with the training and the tools to secure sponsors for your next pageant.

Our team has had incredible success in securing sponsors and building relationships with a variety of companies, large corporations and individuals.

Championing the effort, is PR President and Founder, Jules Meyer, who serves on the Executive Board of both the Broward County and State of Florida American Cancer Society Board of Directors.

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In addition, we conduct on-stage question and answer sessions which enables you to sharpen your speaking skills and allows you to always be ready to tackle any type of interview environment you face.

Our Makeup/Hair PR Pageant Coach, Becca Dahmen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of the latest trends and techniques to help you look your best.

Whether you would like to schedule a one-on-one personal session where you are taught the proper techniques, or whether you want PR to help style your hair and makeup at your next competition, we provide both of these options.

Both of our Walking and Stage Presence Coaches, Lissette Garcia and Lau Ren Merola, have recently graced the Miss USA stage where they had enormous success on stage and they know what it takes command both the judges and audience’s attention.

At PR Pageant Coaches, we believe that each individual client is unique, therefore, all of our coaching sessions are scheduled in a personalized one-on-one format and not in a group setting.Personal appearances help each client develop the skills that are necessary to capture the crown.