Updating blue mac tower

06-Jun-2017 02:14

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Don't know about Jumbo Frames as I haven't tested, manual says card supports it.

more card info: Discovered one drawback: obviously there is no support for deep sleep (fans are still running). But I won't bother to install cause I don't need it for a home server, and the card is running just fine with built in network software. -JMD"(added 7/15/2009)"Sweex LC101 PCI Gigabit Ethernet card.

I read your posts and found what I needed to fix it. This Netgear GA311 NIC has the Realtek 8169 chipset and was plug and play. An Apple authorised dealer told me that it would cost about 200 to get an a NIC that would work. After looking at your site, I got hold of a cheap second hand GA311 card from ebay (12 including delivery! Fired up the network control panel and saw it listed. Presto, instant network access (at 100TX speed, since I don't have gigabit network). TG-3269 which uses the realtek 8196sc Chipset works plug and play in my G4 400MHz AGP Model.

When reporting on PCI cards see if the card (added 10/1/2012)"My G5's (2.5GHz Dual G5 with PCI-X 66mhz slots) built-in Ethernet has basically died on Sunday Sept 16th.

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