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28-Dec-2017 13:16

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If so I might shoot a complaint to Netflix to re-process the film sound. However I watched the first episode with 3 friends last night and they were truly horrified at the blood and guts, and the scene where she was having her first major snack in the backyard was the last straw for them. Netflix says under more like this "Orange Is The New Black", "Chasing Cameron" and 'Stranger Things'.I strongly suspect that those giving it a bad review have only watched one or maybe two episodes.The first vomit scene was hilarious simply because it was so over the top and unexpected. Comparatively the first couple of episodes are weaker than the later ones.That could be more to do with establishing the characters, relationships and the story generally. have only watched one or maybe two episodes...impression I get from the negative IMDb reviews..Didn't even know they released a trailer for that...I really enjoyed season 1 – the characters were frustrating as all hell, but that made it all the more better for once.Andy was on Cuckoo so that is where I first saw him, otherwise I would have known nothing about him. S3 is coming but they only have gone for 6 eps so far. Interesting fact about Slasher, 2 characters off the show Being Erica on it. Being a Canadian show probably not that surprising. I did last night AND the sound quality was complete garbage; volume stupidly low and voices very hard to hear (mixed low into centre channel). That movie was on Stan a while ago now not on any service.They managed to reboot that show when 2 characters left... I thought maybe my Netflix app had gone bad; watch a doco and the sound was good. Let me know if you experience the same with that film. I was thinking of giving American Horror Story a go, what is it like?

Half tempted to give s5 a try as I'm curious to see if Lady Gaga has any screen presence as an actor.S.) on Australian Netflix, & that's as far as it goes ATM ..... The rights to show a program as a broadcast (FTA or Pay TV) doesn't necessarily include the rights to have it on-demand.Does anyone know if & where I can stream season 7 of Shameless (U. cheers :) (I also think I heard there is going to be a season 8 made by Showtime in the U. Exclusivity of the different types of rights is also time limited.The whole rights issue is a dog's breakfast with the producers selling different rights to different providers to maximise profits and the providers doing everything they can to disrupt their competition.

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As always, it's the paying customer who gets screwed over and out of pocket. I reckon this show would not be the same if Andy Samberg left it.

Kind of like how Steve Carell left The Office and the show was soon cancelled....

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